If you have a need for relationship, parenting, or family related programming, please contact me at schlagheck.11@osu.edu

What About Me?
Starting in 2019. What About Me? is a program for youth 6-11 who are experiencing a parental divorce or seperation. This is a one time interactive 90 minute program that covers issues of feeling alone and recognizing feelings. 

Aging Smart
This can be taught as a series or as individual lessons about one hour in length. Topics include: Preventing Falls, Cooking for 1 or 2, Keeping Safe, Universal Design, and Aging & Eating. These lessons target older adults and adult children of older adults.

Master of Memory
This works best as a series, but can also be taught as individual lessons. Learn about how our memory works, learn techniques for better memory, and use your smarts to solve some brain puzzles too! Topics include: Am I Losing My Mind?, Memory Strategies, Nutrition & Memory Function, Medications & Memory Function, Medication Conditions & Memory Function, and Exercise for the Body and Mind.

Active Parenting
Active Parenting targets parents with children ages 5-12. This is a four part series covering topics such as setting limits, communication, parenting styles, and much more. You must attend all four sessions to receive a completion certificate.