Plesae note thatht this page is under construction and additioanl details will be added throughout January 2020.

2020 Quality Assurance Options

All Ages:

  1. Attend a qualified QA training with your club or FFA Chapter. Please note that not all clubs offer this program.
  2. Attend the Open QA Program offered by OSU Extension:
    May 23, 2020, 6:30pm at Vanguard Sentinel Career Center, 1306 Cedar Street, Fremont OH 43420

  3. Attend a qualified QA training in another Ohio county.
    Please note that a $10 out of county fee applies at most trainings.
    Dates will be posted here as available and can also be foudn by contacting the OSU Extension Office.

  4. Attend a qualified in person QA training at an Ohio 4-H approved event (Poultry Clinic, Beef Expo, Dairy Palooza, etc.)
    Please note that the Ohio BEST Online QA Course is not accepted for county fairs at this time. There is one available online program for older youth only.

4-H Age 8-12

  1. Any of the above "All Ages" Options
  2. Attend Young Member Livestock QA Program offered by Extension
    April 21, 2020 at 6:00pm at Vanguard Sentinel Career Center, 1306 Cedar Street, Fremont OH 43420  
    This program is a hands-on, interactive (no power point!) beginner QA program which uses activity based lessons to introduce younger members to QA concepts and GPP’s.

4-H Age 12 & Older

  1. Any of the above "All Ages" Options
  2. Online QA Option:
    Older members now have on online QA Training Option! Livestock QA can be completed at home at anytime.
    A $12 fee does apply. Please note that only this one,specific online program is being accepted (Called YQCA).


Online Quality Assurance Option (4-H Age 12 & Older)

Quick Start Guide - Simple, two page guide

Getting Your YCQA Certification - Longer, Step by Step Guide (16 pages)

Link to 4HOnline (Set up your account here first)

  • For details or a step by step guide about setting up your 4HOnline account, CLICK HERE