Applying to Volunteer with 4-H

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Sandusky County 4-H Program! Please CLICK HERE to learn more about volunteering.

Resources for Current 4-H Volunteers

2024 Online training - Returning volunteers

Please note that every volunteer needs to complete training every year. This year there the training is divided into two parts, a county-based training and the state OSU Youth Activities and Programs Training. Please see the links below for training instructions

*New volunteers are provided with training information directly from the Extension Office staff.

2024 Training and forms
  • 2024 Training Information and Dates
  • Instructions for Enrolling Online as a Volunteer

Year End Financial Summary Form (required for all clubs)

Club Charter and Information Form (required for all clubs continuing in 2024)

2024 Enrollment Information and help Sheets

BCI Fingerprint Rescreening Instructions


Helpful Files and Links

Working with Families

A Parent's Guide - This two-page resource provides basic information and expectation about the 4-H Program, including a parent's role, the advisor's role, the cost of participating in 4-H and who to contact for help as needed.

New Family Check List - A helpful tool to ensure every new family gets the information they need to get off to a great start with 4-H and your club.

The Role of Parents and Family - This one-page document outlines the basic responsibilties of parents in the 4-H Program.

Peer Mentoring Tip Sheet - Helpful information for formal mentoring relationships between club members

Icebreakers and recreation resources

Blue Ribbon Games and Activities (Kansas 4-H)

Icebreakers and Recreation (Wisconsin 4-H)

Group-Building Ideas for 4-H Club & Group Meetings (Michigan 4-H)

Goal Setting Resources and Activities

Using the 4-H Pledge to Create Smart Goals - an in depth worksheet on creating great goals using the 4-H Pledge

Setting 4-H Goals - A simple one page goal setting resource

Ohio 4-H Policies and Resources

Occassional Quantity Cook Training - Required for clubs preparing food for sale or give-away (excludes bake-sales). At least one volunteer must complete training and remain present during the event.

Ohio 4-H Club Management Policies and Procedures - A comprehensive list of policies and links to forms, including sample permission forms, financial fact-sheets, IRS guidelines and more.

Ohio 4-H Volunteer Handbook - Policies, Guidelines and other resources for 4-H Volunteers 

Ohio State Fair 4-H Guidebook - Ohio State Fair requirements for all non-livestock projects. Please note that youth must be selected for participation in most classes through county judging.