2024 4-H Project Interview Judging Information

  • Project Interview Judging will be held on Tuesday, July 9th at Grace Community Church in Fremont.
  • An early judging option will be available on Tuesday, July 2nd at OSU Extension in Fremont.
  • Judging is scheduled by appointment in June. Registration information will be available June 3


2023 4-H Project Interview Judging Information

2023 Project Placing Results
2023 Project Trophy Award Winners
2023 State Fair Selections
Frequently Asked Questions about judging:

My child placed 1st but did not receive a trophy. Is this a mistake?
All projects are eligible for trophy competition. However, in most cases related projects are grouped together and awarded one overall trophy so all of the1st place winners are considered for that award. Those decisions are made based on project enrollment numbers each year.

My child placed 1st but was not selected for state competition. Is this a mistake?
Not all members who place first will be able to attend state competitions for a few different reasons. Not all projects have state competition options and sometimes a judge recommends against sending youth to state fair based on their project display or interview.

My child placed 2nd but is listed for state competition. Is this a mistake?
All state competitions set their own eligibility requirements and sometimes we can send more than one youth per project (based on age, years of experience, or other parameters), so yes, sometimes youth who place 2nd (or 3rd) can be selected for state competition

My child was selected for State Fair. Now what?
State fair is an optional activity so every member can decide if they want to participate. Details will be emailed after judging and can also be found at: https://ohio4h.org/nonlivestockguidebook if you would like to review the guidelines. Each member will need to get a packet with their ticket and signed registration letter either at Summer Showcase (see below) or at the Extension Office on or after Monday, July 15th. We must know by Thursday, July 18th if you plan to attend so you can be registered online.

My child won a trophy. Where do we get it?
All trophies are award at the 4-H Summer Showcase (see below). Winners will be notified via email as soon as possible after judging. If you are unable to attend, trophies can be picked up at the OSU Extension office on or after Monday, July 15th.

My child won first place but is not listed for a trophy. Why don't all projects get trophies?
Trophy awards are based on project participation numbers. All projects are eligible for trophy awards, but not every 1st place projest is awarded a trophy. If there are few members in a project, that project is combined with other similar projects for one award (for example, beginning sewing includes several projects). Some projects do have a specific trophy awarded just for them. If there are many members in a project, that project may be split by age (for example Rifle Jr and Rifle Sr). We use this sytem to ensure everyone has an opportuntity to compete and that our best projects (when compared to several others) are the ones which receive trophy awards. 

The project my child is in does not have all placings shown (1st, 2nd, 3rd and HM). Why?
Judges make placing deicsions and may not choose to place every member, based on the member project and interview. Many of our projects also have low participation numbers and may not have four qualifying project members. 

Option for Completion Interview by Club Advisor

  • Members may still complete their projects by doing a competion interview with their club advisor. These members are not eligible for placing, awards, or state fair but are marked as complete and can exhibit their project at the county fair.


 2024 Summer Showcase 

The 4-H Summer Showcase Awards Program and Style Revue is being held at Ole Zim's Wagon Shed on July 11, 2024. 

  • All members taking a clothing project must attend the style revue at the summer showcase in July to be eligible for awards unless they are excused ahead of time. The Style Revue is part of these projects. Please plan to participate! Members unable to attend are encouraged to have their outfits modeled or carried by another member to remain eligible for awards. Those not attending can still receive an A on their project, but members cannot place or attend the state fair unless their project is represented at Summer Showcase.
    • Members participating in the style review portion need to arrive by 6:30 p.m.
  • State Fair packets will be available before and after the program. 
  • Trophy Awards will also be presented.