2021 Horse Program Changes and Information

  • There were several changes to the Ohio 4-H Uniform Rules for 4-H Shows (State Rule Book). We have included a summary of those in the Horse Member Guidelines, but encourage all families to get a copy of the book. They are provided free of charge (on per family) by Sandusky County 4-H Advisory Commitee.

  • There were some small changes to the Member Guidelines, so be sure to get an updated copy for 2021.


Sandusky County Horse Project Resources:

2021 "Eat and Ride" Programs

Sandusky County Equine Committee is working on confirming dates and presenters for another educational series for members. A complete list of these opportunities will be shared here when available. Each of these events count as one of the two required events needed for county fair participation. 

Sandusky County Equine Record Book

  • This book is provided free of charge, thanks to the Sandusky County 4-H Advisory Committee
  • You may also download the book HERE if you prefer to print it yourself or need to add extra pages. This file includes both the record book and the 2021 Horse Member Guidelines.

2021 Horse Member Guidelines

  • This publication includes general guidelines and county rules for 4-H Horse Project participation.
  • The Guidelines will be included with each county Equine Record Book and are available for download HERE.

2021 Equine Registration (Picture Form)

All equines being used as 4-H projects must be identified by June 1st to meet state and local fair deadlines.

This is being done online in 2021. You will need:

  • Basic Member infomration (name, club, email, shirt size)
  • Basic Horse Info (breed, age, gender, color, markings)
  • If the animal is leased - a pdf or single picture showing all pages of the lease form
  • One recent picture of the horse's head showing facial markings
  • One recent picture of the horse taken from the side showing entire animal (head to tail from ears to the hooves)

Once you have these items ready you can access the form HERE.

2021 EquiSTEP Program

This program is recommended for all members and is REQUIRED for members new to exhibiting horses in 2021. It will be required for ALL members beginning in 2022.

Troubleshooting EquiSTEP:

  • I am experiencing problems with my child’s email address and accessing EquiSTEP. What might be the problem?
    • When registering for EquiSTEP, 4-H members should have their own unique email address. Experience has shown that most school/education-based email accounts tend to block access to OSU Scarlet which is the platform that hosts the program. It is recommended that students create their own free Gmail or Yahoo account.


Sandusky County 4-H Equine Committee

  • This group, formerly known as Sandusky County 4-H Horse Council is made up of horse club volunteers, parents and members.
  • The committee meets the first Tuesday of each month and welcomes new participation. For more information, please contact Gwen at the OSU Extension Office (419.334.6340)