2024 Horse Program Changes and Information

  • The "Uniform Rules for 4-H Shows" (otherwise known as the State Rule Book) was updated in 2024. Be sure you are using the most current version (provided for free by the Sandusky County 4-H Advisory Committee to all families at the Equine Education Meetings).

  • 2024 Sandusky County Member Guidelines were also updated in 2024. They were distributed at Equine Education Meetings.  You can download a copy HERE. 

2024 Equine Registration (Picture Form)

All equines being used as 4-H projects must be identified by June 1st to meet state and local fair deadlines.

This is being done online this year. You will need:

  • Basic Member information (name, club, email, shirt size)
  • Basic Horse Info (breed, age, gender, color, markings)
  • If the animal is leased - a pdf or single picture showing all pages of the lease form
  • One recent picture of the horse's head showing facial markings (no older than 90 days)
  • One recent picture of the horse taken from the side showing entire animal (head to tail from ears to the hooves)

Please CLICK HERE to complete your equine registration online. 

Sandusky County Horse Project Resources:

2024 important dates

See the Equine Member Guidelines for information about Eat and Ride Events and the Sandusky County Horse Show


June 15, 9am, Horse Show

  • Hosted by Sandusky County 4-H Equine Committee - All 4-H Horse Clubs will be helping with this show

  • This event also counts as one of the two required events needed for county fair participation.

  • Class/Entry fees will apply. A food stand will be available on site (for donation, not free).

Sandusky County 4-H Equine Committee

  • This group, formerly known as Sandusky County 4-H Horse Council, is made up of horse club volunteers, parents and members.
  • The committee meets the first Tuesday of each month and welcomes new participation. For more information, please contact Gwen at the OSU Extension Office (419.334.6340)