Educator, 4-H Youth Development
4-H, camp, camp counselors, workforce development, horses
Sandusky County

I began as Sandusky County’s 4-H Educator in December 2003. I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Sandusky County and that I am a product of the very same 4-H program which I now have the privilege of leading. 

The 4-H Program offers youth a variety of opportunities to learn about topics of their choice and build skills they can use throughout life. In Sandusky County, the programs include Community Clubs, Cloverbuds, Camping, CARTEENS Driving Safety Program, and Short-Term School Programming such as “Exploring Your Backyard.” 

While many people think of livestock and the county fair when they hear about 4-H Clubs, only about 35% of members are involved with livestock projects. We also offer projects and programs in many other areas including: Art, ATV’s,  Bicycles, Community Service, Engineering, Clothing, Family Life, Gardening, Health, Home  Design, Leadership, Money Management, Natural Resources, Nutrition, Photography, Robotics, Science, Small Engines, Shooting Sports. There is even a self-determined project which allows youth to create their own project parameters for other areas.