Information for Judges 

Thank you so much for volunteering to help judge 4-H projects this year!
As always, if you have my questions or concerns, please reach out to Amy at 

Judging Packet 

All of these items will be printed and available on the morning of judging along with evaluation and placing sheets. 

Three Tips for Success 

  1. Be positive - From the start to finish of the interview, as the judge, you set the tone for the 4-H'er completing judging. Be kind, uplifting, and remember they could be nervous. Make sure they leave feeling accomplished, and positive about the outcome. 
  2. Give honest feedback - it is so important the 4-Her leaves knowing what they did great, and what they need to improve for next time. Use the rule of three when giving/writing feedback: two positives, for every one negative. Be sure to write comments on the judging sheet they can read and review. 
  3. Ask open-ended questions - Although you may ask specific project-related questions, avoid coming off "quiz-like." You might be surprised how much knowledge the 4-Her has gained which couldn't be measured in the form of a test. Ask questions such as: "What was your favorite part of this project?" "What was one thing you learned?" "What was the hardest part?" etc. 

Judging Updates Video 
Please Watch!

Please watch this 16-minute video prior to judging. 







View/Download PowerPoint Presentation.

View/Download FAQs.  


Want to review the inside of 4-H Projects you are judging prior to judging?

  • Ohio 4-H Project Central - Do a search for the project under the "search by keyword or title box." Under the Project description, select "View Project Sample Pages."
  • County-Level only projects - These projects are available only to SC 4-H Members and are not listed in project central. Scroll to "Printable County Project Books" to view.

Want to prepare questions ahead of time?

Want to review the project requirements prior to judging?

  • Sandusky County 4-H Handbook - Requirements are listed under the project name highlighted in grey. To quick-find, hit Ctrl + F, then search the name of the project.