Welcome Camp Counselors!

On this page we will share resources, forms and pre-meeting assignments. (We cannot share program plans as this page is open to the public) If there is something you would like to have posted here, please let me know.

 - Gwen


Pre-Meeting Assignments & Readings:

January 21, 2019

  • Bring camp theme ideas as well as feedback about program and committee structures

February 11, 2019 - Cancelled due to weather, items moved to the next meeting

February 25, 2019

  • Read about the Ohio 4-H Camp Counselor Core Competency Model - CLICK HERE
  • Be prepared to share at least one example of a way you can improve or build these competency skills outside of camp counselor training.
  • Be prepared to share an example of other situations in life which could also benefit from you having these skills.
  • Bring theme research and input. We will be deciding on a theme.

March 11, 2019

  • Bring at least one idea for a camp "title"
  • Submit Committee Requests BEFORE the meeting (see forms below)
  • Pre-Assignment:
    • Take a few minutes to think about the process of planning something. What do you need to know ahead of time? What do you think are the steps you follow to plan an event or program? Come prepared to discuss.
    • Review the Program Planning Worksheet distributed at the last meeting. (Also posted below under forms).
      • Note that we essentially have SIX planning sessions between now and camp, plus a little time at the first long meeting to fill in details that may be missing, answer adult staff questions, etc. We have about 60 minutes of planning time at each meeting, that's 6 hours or 360 total minutes of time. 
      • Come prepared to answer these quesitons:
        • In your opinion, how to we divide out that time? If we have 6 hours (360 minutes) of planning time, how much is needed for major committee vs minor. 
        • How do we best organize that time? Do we split each meeting between major and minor committees? Do we choose specific meetings where we will meet with only major and others when we meet with minor?



  • Camp Planning Committee Requests - Most of these were completed at the meeting. If you missed this meeting, please submit your form ASAP as our team will be making committee assignments before the next meeting.
    • Your Committee Choices are:
      • Major: Campfire, Evening Programs, Afternoon Programs, Color Groups
      • Minor: Flags, Inspiration (includes closing), and Song & Dances (includes songs at meals, music at dances, games at dances)
    • Please note that you are asked to provide reasons for your selections.
  • Camp Planning Session Teaching Proposal - If you are intersted in teaching a camp session (on your own or with a team of counselors), please complete this form and submit no later than March 25th. Only one form per session is needed so you can put all team members on one form. (Word Doc - You can type directly into this and print it or email it.)
  • Program Planning Worksheet (excel file) - This is the form we willuse to develop a series of goals for each meeting, for each committee. This is a DRAFT form. Come prepared to suggest changes needed to make it a useful tool. (click here for a pdf version)



More Coming soon!

2019 Training Dates and Information
Information about training requirements and dates schedueld for 2019

Ohio 4-H Core Competency Model
What skills or competencies do Camp Counselors need to be successful? A research study completed right here within Ohio 4-H Identified 15 Core Competencies. Our training program is designed to help counselors discuss, practice and build these competencies.