July 9, 2019 - 6:51pm -- soule.12@osu.edu

Congratulations to our members for the excellent project work they shared at the 2019 4-H Project Interview Judging events!

Project results are available at the links below. Please note important details and additional information below links.

Special Notes:

  • Some projects have been split into Jr and Sr age groups for placings. These decisions are based on the number of members enrolled in the project.
  • Trophy selections are done by project area. We do not award a trophy for every project. In many cases related projects are grouped together and the trophy winner is selected from the 1st place winners in each of those projects. In some cases, projects are split and two trophies are awarded. Again, decisions about grouping or splitting projects is made based on the number of enrolled members.
  • Participation in state level competitions such as the Ohio State Fair is optional. See State Competition details below for more information.


Summer Showcase - Thursday, July 11th

  • Trophies and State Fair Packets will be available at the Summer Showcase Program on Thursday, July 11th. The program is helad at Ole Zim's Wagon Shed and will begin at 7pm. Trophies are awarded during the program. State fair / packets will be available before the program (6:30 - 7:00pm) or after the program.
  • Trophies and packets can also be picked up July 15th (or after) at the OSU Extension Office Monday - Thursday, 8am-4:30pm. Youth do not need to be present for this (Parents, grandparents, advisors, etc may claim these items).

State Competition Information

  • Members must RSVP for state participation no later than 8am on Thursday, July 18th. You may RSVP by: attending Summer Showcase on July 11th and picking up your competition packet or coming to the Extension office July 15-17th. If you plan to participate and are unable to get the packet during those times, contact Gwen Soule at 419-334-6340 or soule.12@osu.edu before July 18th to discuss other arrangements.
  • If you are selected but not planning to attend, please call OSU Extension or email Gwen at soule.12@osu.edu. In some cases, an alternate may be sent if enough notice is given.
  • Details for all State Competitions will be provided in a packet for you. This packet will include one ticket for the member and a signed registration letter which is required for participation.
  • Competition details can also be found online HERE. Please remember, though, that you still need to obtain the registration letter from Extension to participate.
  • Most state competitions occur at the Ohio State Fair. However, some competitions are held at other locations. Details are included in your packet.
  • There will be an optional,  short session about participating at the Ohio State Fair following Summer Showcase on Thursday, July 11th. This is will also be people available for general questions.

Office Hours Note

The Ohio State Extension Office is currently short staffed and we expect this to continue through October while replacement staff members are hired and trained. We try to keep the office open during our posted hours (Monday - Thursday, 8am-4:30pm) as much as possible, but occasionally schedules do not allow for this and you may find our office closed for short periods of time. July 15-18th we will be open regular hours everyday to distribute state fair packets. On other days, please feel free to call ahead before driving to Fremont if needed to ensure that someone is here to help you. We understand that some of our families have a significant drive to reach us.

Congratulations, again, to all of our members!